Care Coordination: The Game Changer – How Nursing is Revolutionizing Quality Care

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Care coordination has always been a primary duty of nursing. Care Coordination: The Game Changer offers today’s most comprehensive insights, case studies and strategies to advance nursing's role in care coordination and healthcare transformation.

“Care coordination, as you will read over and over in this book, is the glue that makes the healthcare system a safe and coherent place.”   Gerri Lamb, PhD, RN, FAAN, editor

“Never before have the principles, practice, and passion for care coordination come together into a single source. Collectively, these leaders have propelled the field a quantum leap forward.”   Eric A. Coleman, MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado Denver

Care Coordination:The Game Changer—How Nursing is Revolutionizing Quality Care is the first book to show in clear, concise language how care coordination is positioned in the context of healthcare reform.

In this essential text, Editor Gerri Lamb, PhD, RN, FAAN, and 23 of the brightest minds in care coordination at top universities and health systems examine care coordination from all sides, including:

  • A historical perspective on nursing and quality care
  • Models and tools for improving quality and safety
  • Effective care coordination models
  • Recognizing care coordination in nurses’ practice
  • The role of nurse leaders in advancing care coordination
  • How care coordination can reduce avoidable hospital stays
  • Quality and safety outcomes for patients and families
  • Care coordination and health IT
  • Coordinating care through partnerships with patients and families
  • Community-based care transitions
  • How to influence public policy through care coordination research

Find out how nursing is revolutionizing quality care—and how this impacts the national agenda for healthcare reform. Order today!

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